We Assure Privacy at the Highest Level

  Orgasmsextoy appreciates your trust in us to use our services and toys. And to make your experience here smoother, here is a set of the privacy policy. Read it carefully for understanding the way we work to serve you.

No third-party interference

We don’t allow any third parties on our website as we don’t run ads or deal with any kind of outside businesses. Therefore, all the details that you will share with us would be safe from such parties unless you voluntarily share information with anyone. In such cases, we won’t take responsibility for security hazards.

Data is kept safe

We take only the data that you provide us with, at the time of signing up and placing the order. We don’t use any kind of tools to extract additional data from our clients and only process what we need to serve you better. That’s the reason we urge you to provide the right information and have trust in us in keeping it safe.

We hereby declare that we have the Copyright of this privacy policy and condemn anyone from using it for business reasons.