Get Delayed Orgasms for More Fun and Satisfaction

Nothing beats the happiness of a delayed performance, and men know the fun behind it. For this, we bring the desensitizers to India. As the name says, it desensitizes the penis and makes it numb to ejaculate sooner. Hence, the user enjoys his performance as he can go stroking without pausing. This is why men prefer taking up this delay spray to sustain their performance for longer. These sprays are easy to use over the genitals. To be specific, one has to spray it at the tip of the penis to feel the aftereffect.

The desensitizer in India is usually in high demand among men. Some take it as the most necessary accessory for men to enhance their sexual powers. Our online sex toys store brings a wide range of desensitizers in India at the best price. The Eros Delay Cream for Men is a very effective cream that gives men the power to stroke and perform. The Prolong Plus Delay Male Sensitizer cream is another remarkable pick that keeps the male performance up to the mark. On the other hand, the Deadly Shark 48000 Delay Spray is a highly impactful spray that not only assures safety but numbs the penis and delays ejaculation by quite some time.

The delay spray is given fifteen minutes before the performance for the best results. This keeps the user in the game for a long time. As these sprays are made with skin-friendly and natural components, there will be no side effects for the user.

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