Intimate Wash

Keep your Genital Health in Top Form

The intimate wash in India is perfect for those who wish to stay hygienic throughout their sex life and make it better with time. This product at our online sex toys store is nothing but a bacteriostatic spray that plays a vital role in keeping a man’s private area safe, clean, and free of infections. Furthermore, it acts as a sexual booster for men who want to take safer initiatives to improve their sex life. Even men who want to perform longer by delaying ejaculation will benefit from using the intimate wash. It is toxic-free for being made of herbal components.

A perfect alternative to artificial pills and sprays, the intimate wash in India is much safer to apply on the penis and does not cause any irritation or skin complication. The user needs to gently spray on the glans, which is the penile tip, and proceed towards the performance. Once he does it, he will have a gentle feel. The user needs to ensure that the quantity of spray he uses at a time is minimal so that the effect comes smoothly. To start, he has to first wash his intimate area, rinse it, and give the spray. One has to ensure that this spray is for internal use only and not for any other external purpose.

The intimate wash comes in a small container measuring 10 ml. Although it looks a little container, one can use a meager quantity at a time, which would work wonders. It is no doubt affordable and works incredibly well for the male genitals in terms of hygiene.

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