Artificial Hymen

Women know what it means to lose virginity at a young age. So, here comes the artificial hymen in India in the form of a saviour. With these erotic accessories, women find it safer and more convenient to show that they are still virgins. The name makes it clear that these are like the original female hymen. One has to fit it properly inside the vagina and wait for her man for vaginal penetration. This hymen would bring the feel to her man as if she is initiating penetrative sex for the first time.

As the intercourse happens, the hymen receives constant friction, and after a point of time, it breaks naturally. So, just like blood comes out on the tearing of the hymen, this artificial one releases fake blood. This blood looks real, so the male partner would never feel deceived. Everything happens in a very natural process, and the user acts as if she has just lost her virginity. In other words, this new-age sex accessory is a life-changing product for women that can make physical bonds stronger with time.

The artificial hymen in India is made with such skin-friendly material that women can quickly bring it into contact with their genitals. As mentioned above, she has to ensure a proper fit, and only then can she enjoy and sustain the trust of her partner. It is a very affordable solution to women who are willing to save marriage and start a happy sex life. Women who are 18 years of age and above are eligible to use this sex accessory.

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