GoGirl Female Urinate Device

Say No to Public Peeing and Sanitary Pads

GoGirl Female Urinate Device in India is designed to care for a woman’s health and hygiene during urination. Once she wears it, she can pee discreetly in public. This lets her avoid going to public urinals that are often unhygienic. Wearing this device, women will have to pee in a standing position. So this keeps her hands-free and a lot more hygienic.

GoGirl Female urinate device in India at our online sex toys store comes in a genuine silicone body. So, whether cleaning or safety, these devices assure no complications. In other words, it is toxic-free and hence, ensures unquestionable safety for the vagina. Moreover, wearing this device keeps women comfortable and free of skin complications. Therefore, wearing this urination device for the whole day will never bring any threat to vaginal health.

The shape of the GoGirl urinate device is interesting as it looks like a funnel. Furthermore, it is so light that one will never feel the weight of wearing it. The most striking benefit of using this device is it can be reused. Once the funnel is full, wipe it off, wash it well, dry it well, and put it on again. Since it comes with a splash guard, it does not permit spilling or messing. Using the device is easy. One has to hold it against her vagina, which will act like a seal. Set the right position and pee safely inside. While wearing, the user has to be careful so that the device does not lose position and spill all over.

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