Moon Period Cup

Say No to Sanitary Pads with this Health and Wellness Accessory

Women are always concerned about hygiene, especially during periods. The Moon Period Cup in India is a perfect solution to sustain their hygiene. It is a compact cup accurately designed to hold the menstrual blood securely. Imagine the messiness when blood leaves spots on your outfit and becomes visible publicly. However, things get stored so well with this menstrual cup that you can later open it and wash it out for a refill. It needs to fit correctly so that the blood doesn’t spill badly.

A moon period cup in India is a vast replacement for pricey sanitary pads. These health and wellness products are made of good-quality silicone. Hence, it creates no skin problems and becomes so easy to clean. The silicone used for these accessories is genuine, so there is no question of skin complications. Compared to throwing away sanitary pads, moon-period cups are worthy because one can reuse these with time.

The menstrual cup in our online sex toys store is durable and worth investing in. As the user wears it beneath her clothes, it stays discreetly. Thereafter, she can step out wearing it and do her usual activities throughout the day. Before bed, she has to clean up the cup and wash it well with soap and water. On wearing, women would never feel she is carrying something with them all the time. Instead, the moon period cup will feel soft on the genitals and keep the user at ease. Also, these cups will give women confidence in wearing them publicly.

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